Studios Can Cast Net to Reach Movie Fans

Intensive online entertainment users are more fickle and less brand loyal than other online adults when it comes to movies, according to research by Cyber Dialogue. Data from Cyber Dialogue’s Cybercitizen Entertainment Survey show that while 28 percent of online movie fans reported their opinions of movie brands had changed as a direct result of visiting movie-related Web sites, the figure rises to 42 percent among more intensive online movie fans.

“Clearly, traditional movie brands are being held to new standards on the Web,” said Peter Clemente, vice president of Cyber Dialogue. “The studios and other providers of movie content should be developing more effective strategies for reaching the more than 18 million visitors to movie sites. Critical to their future success is identifying and targeting the more intensive online movie fans.”

Intensive online movie fans are an extremely valuable target audience because of their high levels of movie consumption and spending. On average, intensive online movie fans watch two movies in the theater per month, compared to one for the general online population; they watch nine movies on cable TV or pay-per-view per month versus eight for the general online population, and they rent 14 videos per month versus only six for the general online population.

In terms of spending, this translates to $15 per month spent in theaters for intensive online movie fans versus $7 for the general online population, $44 per month on CATV spending versus $37, and $42 dollars per month on video rentals versus $19.

In addition, as a result of movie site visits, 39% of intensive online movie fans said that they watch more movies in theaters; 37% say they watch more movies at home; and 20% said that they rent more movies to watch at home.

“Clearly, these intensive online users and their movie habits are important to focus on because they prove that Internet marketing in the entertainment space is no longer an afterthought,” said Clemente. “Providing the appropriate type and level of information these movie buffs desire and building a relationship with them through interactivity will be a key component to successful online movie marketing.”

Cyber Dialogue also identified 11.8 million online movie fans that say they are interested in paying for a service to enable them to download movies directly to their TV, and 6.8 million who said they would pay for a service to enable them to download movies to their PC.

Cyber Dialogue’s findings are from the Cybercitizen Entertainment Program (CCE), which consists of in-depth interviews with 1,000 Internet users and 1,000 non-users conducted quarterly.

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