Study: More People 65 and Older Flock to the Web

The number of U.S. Internet users aged 65 and older increased more than 55 percent between November 2004 and November 2009, according to data from Nielsen. The measurement firm estimates that 17.5 million seniors are now online, compared with 11.3 million five years ago.

In addition, people ages 65 and over are spending more time on the Web. Nielsen reckons time spent online among seniors has grown 11 percent in the last five years, from around 52 hours per months in 2004 to over 58 hours in 2009.

The study shows that six million more seniors are using the Internet compared to five years ago. Below are the top 10 online destinations visited by U.S. users over 65 during November 2009.

Top 10 Online Destinations Visited by U.S. Users 65+, November 2009
Site Unique Audience (000)
Google Search 10,253
Windows Media Player 8,241
Facebook 7,946
YouTube 7,668
Amazon 5,679
Yahoo Mail 5,638
Yahoo Search 5,583
Yahoo Homepage 5,383
Bing Web 4,510
Google Maps 4,397
Source: Nielsen Online, 2009

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