Super Bowl Fans Ready to Engage With Brand Ads on Social

Yes, the Super Bowl is a football game, but everyone knows it’s really all about the commercials. And this year, viewers are ready to talk about them on social media, as more than 60 percent of Super Bowl fans say they will further interact with the ads and their brands on social media, according to marketing platform Crowdtap.

In its January “Brand Bowl” survey, Crowdtap polled 5,800 American Super Bowl fans with a median age of 36 and found that a mere 15.5 percent of the adults surveyed would prefer a Super Bowl without ads.

And besides just talking about the commercials with whoever is in the room, viewers will be taking the conversation to social media. Nearly 70 percent (69.2) of respondents said they would share really great ads with friends and family during the game, and 50.4 percent said they would share an ad on social to support a brand they like.

Social media will also serve as a way for Super Bowl fans to engage with brands during the broadcast, according to the survey. When watching the game, approximately 65 percent of respondents said they are likely to have social conversations with brands to discover Super Bowl-related content such as pictures, statistics, and comments.

And if a Super Bowl ad encourages viewers to take action on social, close to 74 percent are extremely or somewhat likely to do so. Specifically, 61 percent are willing to update their Facebook status, 54.2 percent would enter a contest or sweepstakes, and 43.2 percent would use a hashtag.


                                                 Image Credit: Crowdtap

“Our data shows that people are very interested in what brands are doing around the Super Bowl – not just on television, but [on] social media as well,” says Matt Scott, vice president of strategy and business development at Crowdtap. “Beyond their interest in engaging with brands in social, consumers want to collaborate with brands at multiple stages of the marketing process.”

Indeed, the survey also shows that 74 percent of the fans polled are interested in participating in the creation of Super Bowl ads.

But in spite of the fact that consumers are passionate about co-creating alongside brands, Scott tells ClickZ that most advertisers “are not tapping consumers to inform and create these high-investment [Super Bowl] ads.”

“Brands should consider marketing with consumers rather than to consumers to allow for greater engagement and brand loyalty, especially amid the biggest cultural event of the year – at a time when capturing consumers’ attention is more competitive than usual,” he says. “By involving consumers early on, brands can help ensure greater consumer amplification after the ad airs, since their voice has been heard throughout the creative process and they can have ‘skin in the game.'”

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