Super Tuesday Voters More Apt to Use iPads While Watching TV

Republicans voting in tomorrow’s 10 Super Tuesday primaries are more likely than GOP primary voters nationwide to go online via a tablet device while watching TV. They’re also more apt to own a cat and more likely to attend religious services more than once per week.

According to exclusive data from online ad firm Resonate Networks, Republicans who are likely to vote in the Super Tuesday primaries are 26 percent more likely to attend religious services more than once a week than Republicans who are likely primary voters nationwide. With Rick Santorum stressing a religious conservative values message, the data could offer insight into voter sentiment among Republicans on Super Tuesday.

“If Santorum wanted to, he could send a message about his views on religion and put that messaging against that audience,” said Resonate CEO Bryan Gernert. The Washington, D.C.-based company combines its own proprietary survey data with behavioral data to target online ads for political advertisers as well as corporate brands. Gernert said Resonate is working with at least one presidential campaign.

Tomorrow’s primaries take place in Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia. The Resonate findings are derived from data gathered in October 2011 measuring around 2,500 Republicans nationwide including around 400 Republicans likely to vote in Super Tuesday primaries.

Super Tuesday state Republicans likely to vote tomorrow are 38 percent more likely to use a tablet device to go online while watching television. They’re also much more prone to using social media to talk about products a few times per month – 92 percent more.

“When you’re running your television commercials…realize there’s a portion of this audience that’s much more likely to be on their iPad,” said Gernert.

These Super Tuesday Republicans are 36 percent more apt to be between 35 and 44 years of age than all Republicans likely to vote in a primary, and 39 percent more likely to have children between the ages of 11 and 14.

Political advertisers might use such data to inform campaign messages, said Gernert. “Is there a message that resonates with likely voters who have early teens or pre teens?” he asked.

GOP voters likely to go to the polls tomorrow are also more likely to vote for Republican congressional candidates in 2012. According to Resonate, they are 47 percent more likely to vote for Republican House candidates and 45 percent more likely to vote for Republican Senate hopefuls than the country’s Republican primary voters overall. Super Tuesday Republicans are also 31 percent more likely to have a household income of over $150,000 compared to GOP primary voters across the country.

Tales of a Romney road trip during which the family dog traveled in a carrier on the roof of the car may have offended some animal rights activists and pet owners. Whether the story will have any impact on Super Tuesday Republicans is unclear, but it’s interesting to note they are 12 percent less likely to own a dog, and 31 percent more likely to be cat owners.

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