SuperpagesAdds Shopping and Web Search

Verizon’s is trying to convert itself into a shopping portal in time for the holidays, courtesy of partnerships with eBay,, and Fast Search & Transfer.

Through deals with those vendors, the local search provider is preparing to roll out a tab-based search system on its site. New capabilities include shopping comparison, bidding and Internet search.

The move was motivated by a desire to make more of a destination for products and services, according to Verizon Information Services spokesperson Dana Benton Russell.

“We excel at providing context for services, but we felt there was a lot of room to grow in [presenting] products,” said Benton Russell. “Local search is the hot topic now. We have a lot of information about local merchants, but people don’t think of us as a shopping destination. We needed to enable users to make a purchase on, not just get a business phone number or address.”

Visitors to will be able to search for products directly on that site using’s comparison and vendor rating tools. A version of’s site is actually inserted directly into a tabbed window.

Bidding features, brought in from eBay in the same manner, are somewhat more limited. While surfers may search for products listed on eBay directly from Verizon’s site, they must click through to view listings or bid on a product.

Fast Search & Transfer will support Internet search on, delivering organic results from the open Web. Features are now viewable in a beta version on Verizon’s site, and will be rolled out on before Thanksgiving.

“People always consider Verizon Superpages or BigBook exclusively for local search,” said Kevin Lee, CEO of search marketing firm “Through these deals, it seems like they’re becoming a local portal.”

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