Swapping Super Bowls for College Bowls?

GodaddyV2.gifNo one can accuse GoDaddy.com founder and CEO Bob Parsons with not knowing how to milk a decision making process for as much online buzz as possible.

Sure, domain name registrar GoDaddy has ended up in the news quite a bit over the years since its initial Superbowl ad splash, followed by its spat of submitted and rejected ads to the major networks that then ended up online, but earlier this summer Parsons raised the question of whether GoDaddy would even advertise on the Super Bowl next year. And today Parsons announced ESPN College Football – Presented by GoDaddy.com, on his blog.

Calling it “College Football – Go Daddy Style,” the company will start advertising on games set to air Saturday night September 22nd on ESPN2. On his blog, Parsons seems almost giddy over the “GoDaddyEsque television commercials – at least those we can get approved,” set to play during regular season games and several bowl games. But does this mean no more Super Bowl advertising? No word yet, although he admits the $10 million dollar ESPN deal is “a dent in our advertising war chest.”

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