T-Mobile Taps Platform-A for Google Phone Ad Blitz

T-Mobile USA is using AOL’s Platform-A in a two-day online campaign that could reach 81.5 million people, hoping a blitz of ads will help it sell the new T-Mobile Google Android-powered G1 phone.

T-Mobile is purchasing nothing short of a billion ad impressions across Platform-A’s ad network this week, an effort described as the largest Web ad purchase in Platform-A’s history. “The first-of-its-kind advertising buy underscores Platform-A’s ability to reach more U.S. online consumers — more than 90 percent — than any other online advertising business,” said a statement issued by Platform-A.

The companies are calling the campaign the “T-Mobile Billion Block.”

Platform-A was formed last year by a merger of AOL’s advertising business, Advertising.com, audience insight and behavioral targeting player TACODA, and site- and content-targeting solution Quigo. The G1 ads are running on AOL-owned sites as well as thousands of sites in the Advertising.com third-party network., according to Platform-A.

Platform-A President Lynda Clarizio issued a statement suggesting the T-Mobile ad-buy proves Platform-A offers a unique “combination of reach, impact and innovation.” Platform-A has operations in the United States as well as in nine European countries and in Japan.

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