Taiwan’s Online Population

There are 6.4 million Internet users in Taiwan, meaning almost one-third of the population can access the Internet, according to a report by iamasia (Interactive Audience Measurement Asia).

The typical Internet user in Taiwan is 25 years old, with a monthly household income of NT $88,000 (US $2,840). On average, Internet users are significantly younger and wealthier than non-users, with non-users averaging 39 years of age and a monthly household income of NT $61,000 (US $1,970).

More than 70 percent of Taiwan’s Internet users, or 4.6 million people, access the Internet at home, 40 percent (2.6 million people) in a school environment, 28 percent (1.8 million) in the office and 7 percent at Internet cafés. Of those with Internet access at home, just over 30 percent have had it for less than one year.

Forty-five percent of Taiwan’s Internet users are women. Ten percent of the Internet users have tried e-commerce, with books, software, computer hardware, and music the most popular purchases.

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