Take that UGC Portals!

OPAlogo.gifThe Online Publisher’s Association (OPA) is hitting the road with its recently released “Frames of Reference,” report and sharing additional details about how media sites may be the best sites to place video ads.

The OPA flew in the face of general perception two weeks ago when it said that :30 ads can claim better viewer retention than shorter ads. Pam Horan, president of the OPA, also told me that while most everyone might assume that humorous videos can claim the highest number of views online, it’s actually the news and weather videos that viewed the most on a daily basis and receive the highest conversion rates for advertisers.

Specifically, the report states that over one-third of consumers on magazine, newspaper, and online-only news sites say they have searched for more information after watching a video ad, while about one-quarter did so after watching an ad on a portal or UGC site. It also states that one-quarter of consumers on magazine and online-only news sites went into a store to check out a product after viewing a video ad, while only 17 percent on portal sites and 14 percent on UGC sites did so.

About one-in-five consumers on local broadcast TV, national broadcast TV and cable TV sites requested more information after viewing a video ad, while only 16 percent on portal and 14 percent on UGC sites did so.

Members of the OPA are spending the next two weeks visiting cities like Boston, LA and San Francisco to discuss the report.

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