Tanqueray Invites Users to Explore “Tony’s World”

Diageo has launched a new Web site to let fans of Tanqueray spend more time with the brand and its spokes-character, “Tony Sinclair.”

Sinclair is a fictional “socialite extraordinaire” created by Grey Worldwide NYC for Tanqueray parent Diageo’s ad efforts. He has appeared in TV ads with the aim of helping Tanqueray appeal to a younger, more urban demographic. Now he’ll be featured in “Tony’s World,” a new section of the brand’s Web site created by interactive agency ID Society.

“The site gives fans of the brand a chance to get closer to Tony Sinclair, to aspire to his lifestyle,” Jon Winsell, director of strategic solutions at ID Society, told ClickZ News. “Underneath all that, it promotes brand awareness and engagement with the consumer.”

ID Society was responsible for the strategy, creative, and Web site creation for the initiative. The agency also created, along with Grey, an interactive drink mixer where visitors can can create, name and save their own Tanqueray drinks. Winsell said the objective was to highlight the many ways that Tanqueray can be used as a mixer, as well as add a viral element by forwarding their recipes to friends.

As with work the agency has done for Diageo’s other brands — including Crown Royal, Johnny Walker, Ciroc and Bullet — the Web site is used as a hub for a marketing plan that includes print and TV ads, which are handled by Grey. An online sweepstakes offers users the chance to win a trip to London.

“Diageo firmly embraces utilizing the Web as a component of their marketing. It’s a way to draw people closer to the brand,” Winsell said. The company also does some e-commerce activities, selling merchandise for various brands, he added.

Diageo has plans for a broader Web marketing campaign leading users to the Web site, though Winsell was not able to share details. “We’ve got some fun things in store,” he said.

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