Targeting Texters

iNDIGO TV just launched a “cell phone-centric, interactive and user-generated television” show in New York after reported success in Europe in Asia. Viewers can interact with the program by texting messages, which some how qualifies the term “cell phone iTV.”

I have to question iNDIGO’s definition of “success in Europe and Asia.” As a long-time New York resident I quickly recognize channel 35 as the public access channel running late-night shows hosted by strippers, retired strippers and pornographers like (warning) Robin Byrd, Al Goldstein, and commercials for escorts and various 900 numbers. While both of these personalities warrant a page on Wikipedia, I wouldn’t call either of them, or any other hosts or shows on the channel a success. The concept isn’t even new, one MTV channel or another had a video show with live chat some time ago. So when this show turns into a qualified success, please let me know.

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