Marketing TechnologyTech Talk with InfoTrust’s Tag Inspector: Tag monitoring for unparalleled data quality

Tech Talk with InfoTrust’s Tag Inspector: Tag monitoring for unparalleled data quality

Brad Prenger, VP of Partnerships for Tag Inspector, talks about how their proprietary tag auditing, governance, and monitoring platform helps marketers address their compliance, data collection, and performance issues.

3o-second summary:

  • Over the past few years, the rise of platforms and tracking along with new laws and regulations like CCPA and GDPR have increased the complexity and chaos within organizational data.
  • As a result, many organizations are overburdened with the tags that are now loading on their site. There is a need to build governance processes to streamline these tags, their data collection, and monitoring efforts.
  • Tag governance is a system of tools and processes for establishing end-to-end ownership of all marketing tags within the enterprise.
  • Tag Inspector is a platform for a large site or multi-brand enterprise to bring about transparency, accountability, and ongoing monitoring to make sure organizations are working with rich, accurate, and compliant data.
  • Tag management is an ideal practice for multi-brand businesses operating in the publishing, retail ecommerce space, news, and media as well as consumer packaged goods companies along with other industry kinds.
  • Tag Inspector’s pricing model is built on the number of pages and hits, not the number of domains.

When multi-brand organizations can break down silos and are able to validate data, that leads to confident marketing decisions in making. This is where InfoTrust’s offering – Tag Inspector comes into play for marketers, providing unparalleled Tag data quality.

About Tag Inspector

Tag Inspector is an in-house solution created by the folks at InfoTrust. Their own experience with managing tags is what brought about the development of the platform that can help other marketers and multi-brand organizations manage tag implementation, monitoring, and support.

They are headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and have offices around the globe to support their partners across a variety of governance needs.

Tag Inspector is part of an end-to-end analytics organization and has expertise around different tag management systems and different analytics stacks.

Their mode of functioning is such that they operate as an extension of the team to help set up the right rules, the right validations, and initiate automation processes across their team.

At present, Tag Inspector hosts an unparalleled library of 2,500+ tags definitions, has completed over 500,000 scans, and identified 2.8 billion tags. Their support team spans three continents (North America, Asia, and Europe) and four distinct time zones.

They are also committed to regularly releasing new features and functionality based on real feedback gathered from their users, the stakeholders, and other growth investors.

Defining Tags: Pieces of code that record events and user interactions (page visits, clicks, page scrolls, etc.) on a website are termed as ‘Tags’. These tags churn up data that is utilized towards reports and dashboards to help better inform about marketing initiatives.

They enable intersite communication or integration of third-party content as marketing platforms, plug-ins and tools use tags to track behavior.

To quickly discover Tag Inspector’s offerings, you can also view their Tech Talk here.


Tag Governance: The chaos around data and tag management

The platform seeks to solve the universal challenge that enterprises face with the high number of different marketing and analytics tags used on their multiple sites to collect various data. These tags, when in numbers, tend to slow the website or might lead to other privacy concerns.

The functionalities of the platform

The Tag inspection feature of the platform is all about providing the customers the visibility into all the tags that exist on their website, how they are firing, and how they are impacting compliance.

It provides info on partners that might be piggybacking off of tags that the customer is not aware of. The platform further facilitates proper data collection and implementation by ensuring reporting and accuracy.

The Synthetic scanning functionality of the platform sends a web crawler across a particular website and shows what tags are firing. This can be done either through on-demand scans or by running scheduled scans. The scheduled scan provides ongoing tag behavior monitoring.

Real-time functionality gives the platform an ability to track things in real-time up to a minute of when they’re happening or failing. This feature also validates checkout funnels and conversion ‘Thank You’ pages while monitoring live tag behavior.

Tag Inspector Realtime validates tag behavior on every conversion, every button click, and every page load to identify any potential issues.

With over 2,500 tags currently available in the Tag Inspector library, with new classifications added weekly, all tags are identified on all scans and live monitoring.

Tag Inspector’s intelligent crawler navigates pages of your website, simulating a user, and capturing requests sent by tags firing on initial page load.

Organizations can easily identify tags that are removed from the site, data that is no longer being collected, and any changes in tags on the site.

They can also create Validation rules around required tags and data collection. If the rules are broken, the customers are alerted in real-time of any violations.

You can check out their case study to understand how Tag Inspector partnered with a top B2B software provider to help them with real-time data validation.

The Dashboard

When logged into the platform, the customer organizations get to see a graph that showcases the following and more:

  • How each platform is loading and where it is loading,
  • What tags are piggybacking other tags,
  • What’s loading on page source, and
  • What’s loading through the tag management

Organizations can find how many tags were found, on what pages, and all of that with a waterfall impact. These scans can be run daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

The platform not only helps identify issues with tag latency and site performance due to tags/pixels on the site, but it also lets you see latency for all hits sent by each tag, see how the tag performance is affecting data collection, and identify tags responsible for poor page performance and user experience.

Tag Inspector is serious about its partner-clients privacy. In Scan reports, it provides access to the location of unauthorized third parties, data being collected by those tags, and how they are gaining access to your site.

With a clean and visual representation of the tag hierarchy, users can find out about specific pages that are double-tagged or where unauthorized piggybacking is occurring.

Check out InfoTrust’s Tech Talk here for a more in depth look at their Tag Inspector offering.

Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer at WPCodingDev and a passionate blogger. 

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