StrategyEventsTech talk with OnCrawl: The role of SEO in the greater digital marketing sphere

Tech talk with OnCrawl: The role of SEO in the greater digital marketing sphere

In our latest Tech Talk, Laura Bony, OnCrawl's Head of Sales, North America discusses their SEO tool's offerings, challenges it helps businesses overcome, and more.

30-second summary:

  • SEO in your marketing strategy can significantly improve your online visibility.
  • In our latest Tech Talk, Laura Bony, OnCrawl’s Head of Sales, North America discusses their SEO tool’s offerings, challenges it helps businesses overcome, and more.
  • Technical SEO is a combination of content, internal links, log files, and search data.
  • Improving your traffic and rankings can lead to an increase in profits.
  • Subscription-based SEO services with SEO professionals in the support team make analyzing data, and setting KPIs easier than ever before.

Search engines have become a ubiquitous part of our online experience. An increasing amount of marketing budget is being spent on getting websites to the first page of Google.

If you’re struggling to get your website in front of your prospective customers, and aren’t generating the sort of revenue you know you should be, maybe it’s time for your business to revisit SEO.

In our latest Tech Talk, Laura Bony, OnCrawl’s Head of Sales, North America discusses their SEO tool’s offerings, challenges it helps businesses overcome, and more.

Make smarter, more dependable solutions with technical SEO

SEO platforms can help you make smarter, more strategic SEO decisions. Using this type of technology will give you a more accurate view of what pages Google’s bots are frequently visiting and which sections of your website seem to be valuable for Google.

The advantage of this is you can determine exactly which areas of your website to work on to increase visibility and revenue.

Two examples to highlight the importance of technical SEO

SEO is a vital part of any successful digital marketing strategy. And when done properly it has huge benefits to any business. Here are two convincing statistics to show how important SEO software is for marketers to use:

  1. eMarketer said that 57.4% of marketing specialists say SEO makes the biggest impact on their lead generation goals.
  2. According to a Conductor survey, 66% of digital marketers say that organic search was their top-performing online channel in 2019.

SEO is often compared to gardening or cooking even – it takes careful strategizing, planning, and time. It also requires the right equipment being used properly for success.

How OnCrawl helps with your SEO

OnCrawl combines your content, internal links, log files, and search data at scale so you can open Google’s black box and so you can confidently build an SEO strategy.

As an SEO crawler, log files analyzer, and third-party integrations platform, OnCrawl generates actionable dashboards to support your entire search engine optimization process. It also helps you improve your rankings, traffic, and online revenues.

To quickly discover OnCrawl’s offerings, you can also view their Tech Talk below:Tech Talk - OnCrawl

About OnCrawl and how it helps marketers

At the very beginning, OnCrawl was meant to be a one-time data project.

In 2013, François Goube and Tanguy Moal developed a crawler technology specifically for the needs of the largest French ecommerce website, called Cdiscount, who has been using OnCrawl since then.

When François and Tanguy got the first results out of their own platform, they realized they wanted to make these advanced search technologies accessible to the greatest number of SEO professionals.

Created for ecommerce, online publishers, and SEO agencies who need a deeper site crawling and daily monitoring, OnCrawl currently works with over 1,000 companies in 66 countries. With offices in France and Canada, OnCrawl has grown up to 50 employees and won 10 international awards.

OnCrawl helps SEO professionals solve their SEO issues by improving their organic traffic, rankings, and revenues. Driven by a strong tech spirit, OnCrawl gives search marketers easy access to the data they need by providing actionable and reliable dashboards and reports that marketers can leverage.

Why more and more customers are using OnCrawl

OnCrawl is currently the fastest growing SEO software on the market.

They have created the next generation of technical SEO platforms by integrating data and providing insights across the whole search engine optimization process.

Innovation is definitely in their DNA, and it’s why they have released the first R&D platform exploring the cross-path between technical SEO, data science, and machine learning.

Another of their core values is customer support. OnCrawl has a whole team of SEO experts to assist their customers and help them to go further and deeper into their SEO challenges.

On top of that, they have been recognized three years in a row as the best SEO tool in Europe and, last year, as Best Search Tool at the US Search Awards.

How OnCrawl has helped customers

An example of how OnCrawl has helped customers is: Murat Yatagan, VP of Growth at Brainly. Murat is not only an OnCrawl user but also one of its brand ambassadors. When he first started at Brainly, he conducted a full audit of the website using OnCrawl.

OnCrawl allowed him to see that the number of internal links pointing to legacy pages was actually decreasing Brainly’s website signals from the most valuable pages according to the company SEO strategy.

Murat knew he would have to explain the ROI of SEO for key pages and show the value of his SEO project. Using OnCrawl, he was able to earn the support of decision-makers and engineers in order to carry out the project successfully.

What made OnCrawl so valuable in this project was the ability to cross-analyze all of the available data in one place. This allowed Murat to go beyond data insight generation and regular monitoring. OnCrawl gave him easy access to the numbers and charts he needed to tell the right story to the people he’s working with.

Is there anything OnCrawl can’t do?

According to OnCrawl, their technology is only limited by its clients’ server limits. For example, the technology used by OnCrawl allows you to crawl at an infinite speed. Of course, this means that the actual speed used is determined by their client’s IT infrastructure.

They currently collect up to 25 million URLs per day, or approximately 1 billion web pages and 150 billion links per month.

OnCrawl’s price point

Like many SEO platforms, the pricing for OnCrawl is based on the number of pages you want to crawl and the number of log lines you want to analyze. In other words, it’s the size of your website and the amount of traffic it receives that determines OnCrawl’s monthly cost.

A subscription-based service, OnCrawl starts from 59USD per month. From there you can get a customized subscription plan for large websites. One key advantage of using OnCrawl is their support staff are SEO experts, so you know any troubleshooting you need will be reliable.

Their team is able to help you define your crawling strategy based on a wealth of industry knowledge. Whether you need your data analyzed, an optimized SEO roadmap, or suggestions for which KPIs to track in different reports, their team is there to help you every step of the way.

With this SEO technology, you can reliably improve your website’s overall Google presence, and start to see an increase in revenue from your SEO efforts.

Check out OnCrawl’s Tech Talk here for a more in-depth look at their offering.

Abhishek Shah is the co-founder of Ally Digital Media, a leading voice in digital media and marketing. He advocates for evidence-based marketing strategies to fuel the businesses. He can be found on Twitter @abiishek. 


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