Ten Years of Shatner and Priceline

Shatner.jpgHard to believe, but William Shatner and travel Web site Priceline.com have been working together for ten years. And how would Priceline and its well known pitchman celebrate? By launching a new ad campaign of course.

Bill’s new role for Priceline is “the Negotiator,” a spoof of 60’s spy-show heroes. In episodes to air on TV, and which are available online, Shatner uses stun guns on people to prevent them from going to the wrong travel site, or uses his…”charms” on hotel clerks to get a lower price. While the company touts its online component, all that was immediately available at Priceline.com were the two videos and wallpaper of Shatner doing an “action” pose.

But still, it’s Shatner doing an action pose! That’s gotta be good for a chuckle around the water cooler.

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