Marketing TechnologyTerminus announces updates to AI-driven ABM platform

Terminus announces updates to AI-driven ABM platform

Leading ABM platform Terminus has announced updates to its product including more machine learning capabilities, predictive intent data, and better reporting.

Leading account-based marketing platform Terminus recently announced the release of updates to its ABM platform.

Added features leverage Terminus’s B2B Account Graph” – a database of company-level digital identities that users access via the platform. The upgrade also includes more machine learning capabilities which enable marketers to trigger outreach based on opportunity stages, first-party response and engagement data, and predictive intent data.

terminus ABM platform updates, B2B account graph

Terminus B2B Account Graph Visualization

Per Derek Slayton, CMO at Terminus:

“The Account Graph is how we automatically provide each of our customers with their own Account Data Platform that is embedded into their instance of the Terminus solution. This pulls in their first-party data from systems like Marketing Automation and CRM environments and then connects their data with anonymous signals we pick-up from interactions with their online website or digital marketing efforts and uses our Account Graph to reconcile back to specific companies.

We also synthesize other behavioral data (intent – from partners like Bombora) that tracks account-level engagement with content on website around key topics that show an account is looking at solutions that are relevant and indicate propensity to buy / be interested in what the company is selling. The Terminus B2B Account Graph is the AI-powered intelligence engine that reconciles and brings together all of this data.”

Additionally, the release includes reporting updates which allow B2B marketers to connect their brand awareness activity to more stages of the pipeline as well as revenue using view-through conversion reporting at the account level.

This allows marketers to pinpoint the moment that brand awareness advertising becomes buyer intent and follow it through to purchase. The platform update includes improvements to the Terminus B2B Account Graph, a feature that enables marketers to discover digital profiles of relevant accounts and advertise against these accounts with more accuracy.

New AI-powered features

Terminus also announced a newly expanded partnership with Bombora, a best-in-class data provider, which will enable deeper AI-powered capabilities such as automated account discovery and weekly sales emails that list relevant account targets for sales outreach.

The recommendations are based on anonymous digital behavior with the system automatically collecting the data and using machine learning to uncover the most relevant accounts. Users can set up rules to automatically act based on the system’s findings.

Terminus combines first-party engagement data within the B2B Account Graph and Bombora’s intent data with the user’s CRM data to set up automated display and LinkedIn campaigns which deliver targeted messaging. The machine learning capabilities give users the ability to score their accounts based on customized engagement models.

Terminus updates to AI-driven ABM platform

Sample ABM Dashboard – Source: Terminus

“Terminus is the only solution that lets marketing teams trigger outreach based on opportunity stages, first-party response and engagement data, and predictive intent data – all in a scalable and automated fashion,” Terminus states in its announcement.

Measuring the impact of ABM efforts

By combining first-party engagement data and account intent data with the marketer’s own CRM data, Terminus is giving marketers a holistic view of campaign performance. The new platform release gives users an account-based view of all marketing channels and provides a more accurate measurement of ABM program initiatives.

The platform update also includes new influence reporting which shows pipeline coverage by marketing channel and includes attribution models that analyze each channel’s impact across the entire customer journey.

The global ABM market is predicted to grow from $652 million in 2018 to $1.2 billion by 2023.

A 2018 report by Forrester lists Terminus among one of the top fourteen ABM providers that matter most in terms of significance in the industry. Terminus’s AI-enabled platform helps marketers scale ABM for B2B marketers by linking marketing and sales teams to their ideal customers. Among Terminus’s hundreds of clients are industry leaders including Salesforce, Verizon, 3M, and GE.


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