The 50 Cent Media Buy

No, not that 50 Cent.

The $5 buy isn’t your cup of tea? Perhaps you’d prefer to purchase pixels by the dozen — at 50 cents a shot.

You can do just that on Pixels Buy the Dozen. The homepage is a grid of 10,292 squares, each measuring 12×12 pixels. You buy pixels for $.50 each to display an ad or logo. Mouse over, and those tiny little squares blow up to 144×144. The minimum buy is a 12×12 pixel square. Pick your own placement, first come, first served.

It’s all kind of conceptual, I guess. Said creator Lee Dodd, “Once the homepage is 100 percent sold out, that’s it. No more space. The page will be quite a site to see as it fills up, and that’s the goal.”

Current advertisers include Teens 4 Jesus; Zelda Universe; a mortgage lender; and, which offers to turn your car’s exhaust pipe into a flame thrower.

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