The Australians are coming to Personalize Your Video Ads

Qmecom.gifThe personalized video advertisement space is getting a bit more crowded now that an Australian company is coming to American shores to take on Visible World and the like. Qmecom is a Melbourne-based company that recently opened up an office in San Francisco, and plans on opening one in London as well.

The company is touting its Personalized Video Advertising Platform as a means of breaking up online video advertisements into components and then creating geotargeted ads to viewers.

“What’s unique about us is we can decompile video. We do not change the integrity of the ads. The blends the cuts etc., stay in place, and all we do is breaking down the granular creative assets,” David Cannington, VP Americas for Qmecom told me.

Whether its truly unique or not will be played out as the company takes on Visible World, which has been doing targeted ads on television for sometime, partnering like crazy, and recently made the move to online video targeting as well.

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