The Beeb Loses Viewers, Gains Visitors

The BBC issued its annual report and accounts for 2005/2006 late last week Reuters reported on a few of the details presented at a press conference. The channel’s “reach” went down from 86.6 percent to 85.3 percent on the past year. Much of the drop-off is said to be comprised of teens. At the same time, the number of British users visiting the Beeb’s Web site increased from 8.7 million average weekly visitors to 12.3 million. When international visitors are taken into account, it averages 24.3 million users visit the site per week, up from 17.3 million.

Through a bit of reorganization which will affect certain jobs and salaries at BBC, it plans to offer delivery of on demand content across television, radio, the Internet and other digital platforms. Can that include availability in the U.S. so I can get my Beeb fill?

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