The British Are Coming! To YouTube!

YouTubelogo.gifMan, YouTube used to be so hip and lawless. Now it’s signed a deal with the BBC? I expect some new tea party vids to show up on YouTube any day now.

Well, it’s an interesting agreement. Apparently, the BBC and BBC Worldwide will have branded channels on the video site in a “non-exclusive” partnership. I suppose that means the beeb can spread its video around on other sites, too, and that YouTube can create branded channels for BBC competitors.

This is part of BBC’s aim to score commercial revenue, something that’s been pretty controversial when it comes to its Web site. The company also wants to drive adoption of its future iPlayer service.

Two channels will feature clips from new BBC Worldwide shows and video diaries of behind-the-scenes footage. Those will feature “a limited amount of advertising,” according to the press release. Another channel for non-UK viewers will feature “advertising-funded” international news clips.

I’ve contacted YouTube for a bit more info on the ads, but they can’t grant the interview request today.

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