The City That Never Links?


So, Bloomberg and the gang are plunking down $15 million on an NYC tourism campaign intended to lure Londoners to visit the big apple while the dollar is so low in value. There’s a Web site. Are there Web ads or marketing efforts?

No. At least not according to someone familiar with the campaign I spoke with yesterday. As far as she knows, ads will consist solely of signage in London Underground train stations. NYC & Company developed the campaign.

Not that it’s my goal to promote online ads or anything (even though the industry’s existence does allow me a paycheck), but I find the lack of a Web component surprising. To generalize, people interested in traveling for fun tend to be, let’s say, more clued in than those who aren’t. Those sorts of folks are probably online, maybe reading travel related content or a London paper site.

Wouldn’t it make sense to reach them there, where they can readily click to the campaign site (rather than having to remember

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