The IM Tipping Point Has Arrived

According to a new poll from AOL and the Associated Press, 72 percent of teens who use instant messaging say they send more IMs than e-mails, as do 26 percent of adults.

The survey also finds that a majority of teens, 56 percent, use IM to share photos, while 33 percent share music and video files over IM.

Nearly one-third of teens, or 30 percent, say they can’t imagine living without IM. That sentiment is shared by 36 percent of teen girls, and 23 percent of teen boys. For adults, the addicted masses reach 17 percent.

More adult men say they exchange IMs with people they’ve never met in person — 51 percent, compared to 35 percent of women and 39 percent of teens.

About 27 percent of adult IM users say they send instant messages at work. Among at-work IMers, 59 percent send six or more IMs a day, and 41 percent of those people say that IMing makes them more productive in the workplace.

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