The Intimate Brand

The Internet has become much more than search engines and bookstores like Yahoo and A range of new online dating sites have appeared in the last few months that communicate with people in very personal ways.

These dating concepts are not what we’re used to seeing, and are based on the ability to process huge amounts of data. This enables the sites to offer services that a few short years ago seemed impossible.

These dating sites open the door for brands to communicate with their consumers in situations that have not been possible before.

Only one month old, the site helps match people. What does your perfect lover look like? By filling in some details, the web site will give you a glimpse — automatically categorizing you into a standard type and matching you with others who appear right for you.

Based on the matching data, the system facilitates the process of arranging a date with your perfect match. What appeals to him/her? Flowers, a candle-lit dinner for two, long walks on the beach or engaging conversation? A complete guideline can then be printed and followed step-by-step to ensure everything goes well.

The impact of such new concepts is to put extra pressure on brands as they try to take on roles they’ve never adopted before.

Pressure also makes way for opportunity. For the first time, brands finally have a chance to communicate with their target groups in an intimate setting.

While finding your perfect partner, or checking the availability of the love of your life, brand offers can appear at the same time. Trust in a certain brand can make the initial dating experience easier for many people.

We may laugh, but in such circumstances the price of a product that offers self confidence can be unlimited — whether it be Lindt chocolates, Dove soap, Gillette razors, Wella hair coloring or whatever.

Lifestyle brands have always been well known for linking the brand to related benefits such as superior success in life or extra self confidence to meet special social occasions.

In the past, advertisers’ only communication channels were the classics like television, print and radio. And in many cases, advertisers were targeting just as many outside the target group as inside.

With the appearance of more and more online concepts such as, advertisers can now communicate with their audiences at a time when the mood is right for the product. This ensures a better end result.

Brand building on the Internet has not only become more targeted – it has also become more intimate.

Business has found a new promised land.

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