The iPod is *Optional*

For the record: you don’t need to own a video iPod to be rocked by what it means.

I like to call this the “podcast fallacy.” Sure, you can play podcasts on an iPod — hence the moniker. But you don’t have to possess the iPod. At the end of the day, a podcast is an mp3 file, and there are scads of ways to listen to those, including on your PC.

Same thing with the $1.99 video from the iTunes store. Zach bought “Lost” yesterday morning. It default-played on his PowerBook in iPod size. While expanding the frame to almost fill the 12″ screen didn’t produce the crispest image you’ve ever seen, it wasn’t half bad, either.

Sure, Apple’s going to try to sell their new hardware. And that’s fine. But it won’t take consumers long to figure out this is video. They can watch it on other devices. This is convergance. This is pay-per-view.

The iPod is optional.

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