The King of Beers to Do More Digital

budweiser.jpgJust in time for happy hour: Anheuser-Busch had its Q2 earnings call the other day. Not much by way of interactive marketing was discussed, but there was a nugget or two worth mentioning.

When asked whether the company is spending enough to push its core brands, CFO W. Randolph Baker said, “We think we are spending enough behind the brands. We do have increases behind them but we will be actually doing some increases selectively in the second-half of the year to stimulate sales.”

And, said Baker, “We have a lot of changes…in our media plans as we are shifting. We are doing more digital media. We are doing less of network….We have changes that continue to go on in our message, in our creative and that will continue to change as we try to reach our consumers in the most effective way.”

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