The Measure of Online Video, Ads

The second day of AlwaysOn OnMedia in New York started with a panel about monetizing Internet video technology. CEOs and senior level executives from Move Networks, Brightcove, and ImageSpan talked about the role of video, geotargeting, and targeting to certain demographics. Though they touched on metrics, they didn’t talk about the finite measurement of consumer behavior while watching video.

Meanwhile, at DEMO this week Visible Measures left stealth mode with VisibleSuite. A measurement product that looks at the interaction a user has with video. VideoSuite measures in-stream viewing behavior such as when a user abandons the stream as the first ad plays or rewinds to view a particular frame in the video.

Visible Measures founder and CEO Brian Shin’s goal is to promote growth of video with better metrics. “Internet video is important, we all love it, we went to make it more monetizable, more effective for the advertiser and publisher, without hindering the user experience.”

Publishers can use the data to find out what’s effective in video and what segments make interesting clips from longer videos based on what parts are being rewatched. Advertisers can gain similar data by determining how much time was spent engaging with the brand, and tweaking creative.

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