The Opposite of SEO

GetSmart02.JPGYou probably don’t want to do this for your business…

Tonight, I’m meeting a friend at a super-secret new New York City bar. You have to know the address. You have to know the phone number. You have to know how to get in, which involves an access code for a telephone booth at the back of an innocuous hot dog stand which opens a concealed panel, Get Smart-style.

Would you believe a place this secret has a Web site? Well, they do. An opposite-of-optimized Web site. The URL is an acronym of the bar’s name. There’s no metadata. There aren’t any links. And all the text (which consists only of a name and a phone number) is contained in a graphic.

It’s an almost perfect example of how to build a Web site that’s nearly impossible to find.

Unless your business is mega hyper-buzzworthy, I wouldn’t try this at home. (And sorry, I can’t provide the URL — they’d never let me in!)

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