The Optimization Firm Formerly Known as Poindexter

In an effort to demonstrate its history as a marketing optimization firm, Poindexter Systems decided to rebrand its products, and itself. The new company will be known as x+1.

Poindexter adapted the mathematical formula x+1 to reset itself in the marketplace. Its new place on the Web will be

“We’re using this as an opportunity to mark a stake in the ground for a category we’re trying to define, marketing optimization,” the company’s CEO Toby Gabriner told ClickZ News.

x+1 offerings include rebranded products that operated on the firm’s Progressive Optimization Engine . Both Site+1 and Media+1 conform to x+1’s new math-based naming convention.

“The real power of x+1 is that we’re offering a true end-to-end optimization solution,” said Gabriner.

x+1 uses profiling as a means to target consumers in a way similar to the dynamic targeting product recently announced by Kefta. Though Gabriner declined to comment on any similarities, he said, “There is a real land grab to focus on targeted optimizations up and down the digital marketing value chain.”

While x+1 focuses on the advertiser side of the proposition, Gabriner noted DoubleClick’s announcement for an optimization service earlier this week. “We’ve been doing that on the advertiser side, its interesting to see them making an announcement though they’re focusing on the sell side.”

Poindexter arrived at a symbol, or formula, for its name to start a conversation. “We don’t expect everybody to love it, but we think it will start a conversation and get people interested in what we do,” said Gabriner. “It does telegraph what we feel like our value proposition says. It gives us the opportunity to talk about our company in a myriad of different ways. I really has legs.”

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