The Purple Distinction

pantone-purple.JPGMarketing services firm Epsilon is rebranding as Purple@Epsilon. “We want a distinctive brand name for online and offline services,” said Steve Cone, CMO at Purple@Epsilon. Purple combines Epsilon’s interactive, agency, and direct groups including its creative, media planning, Web design, e-mail systems, delivery, and direct mail delivery. What’s outside of the purple umbrella, though seen as too much of a separate entity, Epsilon’s Strategic Database unit, which includes Abacus, which Epsilon acquired from DoubleClick. “All of those services compliment each other, but we wanted to let people know we are a much bigger agency than anybody realizes,” said Cone.

While the company’s color has always been Purple, this rebranding just plays it up. The company branding includes, “Marketing as usual. Not a chance.” That’s because Cone says, “We don’t believe in marketing as usual.”

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