The San Francisco Feed Feed

RSS image.jpg What a good idea.

Last night, Pheedo hosted an informal dinner in a San Francisco restaurant to feed on Cajun food — and to talk feeds. No speeches, no real agenda, just good old fashioned brainstorming from about 40 people involved in RSS from every conceivable angle.

There were journalists, particularly the tech kind such as a C|Net contingent; Steve Gilmore (who was adamant RSS isn’t just a coming trend, it’s already very much arrived), and of course Pamela and I representing ClickZ. E-mail was represented by Bill Nussey, SilverPOP; Ron Rasmussen represented KnowNow, a company committed to spreading RSS in the enterprise; and of course, companies hoping to monetize ads in RSS feeds including folks from Syndicate IQ and, of course, Pheedo.

No problems were solved regarding RSS adoption or monetization by the time we ducked out of the discussion (it was a very long day at ad:tech, after all). But this kind of evening is a delight; frank, open, provocative, and even controversial conversation about new issues in technology, media and advertising.

There was no real agenda, and zero spin. Thanks Bill, and the rest of the Pheedo team for feeding us so well!

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