The Secret to Email Marketing

Often you’d hear people disagree with the idea of email marketing; that it doesn’t work and it is a nuisance. However, if a person gets an email from a marketer informing big discounts for loyalty, customers immediately respond positively to it.

So the real deal to email marketing is… it is effective more so when used properly.

Of course the first step to take is to have prospects write down their email addresses. As soon as you’ve gathered an ample amount of addresses, be sure to make use of the database carefully. If you have new offers to blast or hot news to transmit, then those are the only times to turn to your address list for example.

Today, I’ll let you in on a few ways to make your email marketing more effective than ever.

1. Coupons, Groupons, all-ons

Let’s admit it, coupons are the in thing to consumers nowadays. It is probably the glory of holding a piece of proof saying that the product is offered at an affordable price and is limited to those who have it. Coupons and Groupons, however, need not be stressful for consumers to take hold. Arrange promotions where customers can show their mobile phones in exchange for a certain product and/or service.

2. Provide an interesting offer

Do this especially when it entails savings on products you showcase. Click rates will increase this way because when a customer finds out about an amazing deal it will make them want to visit your website and search for more. When offers involve percent deduction, everything becomes more appealing.

3. Provide an even more interesting offer

Percents off any product is definitely a steal. However, if prices are lessened by 50 percent or more, then it becomes an even more interesting offer. It produces increased results if a certain amount of days consumers can take advantage of the said discount is indicated. For every customer silently asking themselves, “Should I buy this or not?” Your email marketing will clearly imply, “Yes, because there’s no other day but today.”

4. Remind your dear customers

By sending email to subscribers of products they forget to use or dates they forget to confirm, it gives the feeling of importance and care. Not only does this kind of email show the thoughtfulness of the company, it also shows that you value each one of your consumers. In this manner too, the urge to use the forgotten product ups the yes meter. This kind of email marketing strategy is much more effective too if you inform forgotten products that are on sale. Make sure to specify that the product is selling like hotcakes, then it will definitely be sold in no time.

5. Practice control

And when I say control, I mean controlling the number of emails you send out to your clients in a day or week. Flooding their mailboxes is a big no no and ultimately causes you numerous unsubscriptions. As I have mentioned earlier, if there is nothing important or appealing to say or offer, refrain from that client database list.

6. Short and simple

This is the top secret to email marketing: a short, direct, to-the-point title and easy-to-read email content. Ideally, a short paragraph is indicated, then followed by a few small photos or thumbnails of products/services that you’re offering or announcing. Do not forget to include a link to your website in case the reader wants to know more about it. Also make sure that the link is easy to navigate and your website is crisp and clean.

These are the six keys to email marketing. If you happen to miss one point, you can always come back to this article for reference.

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