The Verified Sender Breakdown

Im trying to send an e-mail the head of corporate communications at one of the top-4 ISPs this morning — to no avail.

I know he has my contact info, but probably not the new-ish e-mail address that came about when ClickZ was sold. His mailbox, meanwhile, will only shoot over an autoresponder asking me to click the link and prove I’m real.

But when I click, here’s what’s on the landing page:

!– Addme
Missing required parameter: id

It’s another variation on the infinite loop of non-communication such authenticaton methods can engender (the more common variation is the invisible and eternal conversation your autoresponder might have with my autoresonder, were we both to use that method of authenticaton).

In this case, however, I can’t e-mail the head of communications. At an ISP! That’s pretty bad.

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