The Year the Media Died

When investment banker Terence Kawaja, managing director, GCA Savvian Advisors, decides to leave his day job, he’ll have something to fall back on: creating spoof music videos.

At Federated Media’s Conversational Marketing Summit (#cmsummit) Monday in NYC, Kawaja showed off his music video, “The Day the Media Died,” written to the tune of the 1971 hit, “American Pie.”

So far, his video has not popped up on YouTube. When it does, we’ll post the link here.

The remake goes something like this:

So bye, bye, those big upfront buys.
Pitched my client who was pliant
But the pitch didn’t fly.
And the old ad boys were drinking martinis dry.
Technology has taken us for a ride.
Algorithms got me crossed eye…

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