Thinking Man’s CGM Site Launches TV Spots

logo_gather.gifThe CGM/social networking site for the more cerebral crowd,, is launching TV spots on cable TV channels and ads on starting tomorrow.

According to the Boston Herald, the ads were developed by Hill Holiday and focus on current event-related themes including Iraq, immigration and the environment. The tag: “Join the conversation.” makes it worth the while of popular site-posters by paying them a portion of ad revenue based on the amount of traffic they drive.

As noted in the piece, Hill Holiday SVP and Associate Creative Director Mark Nardi explained, “For Hill Holliday, this is really nice because this isn’t just where our business, but the whole fourth generation of media, is going.”

The fourth generation of media is going to television spots? OK, I’m sure he meant CGM and the like, but the fact that the firm is running TV ads for the young company is pretty interesting. Couldn’t they get more bang for their buck through online advertising? I guess Gather wants to attract folks beyond of the ones who already fuel the Web with their personal opinions — people who may be more prone to getting their news from Wolf Blitzer than Drudge Report.

Indeed, the conception of online discussion, networking and CGM sites may be based more on the insipid, goofy and bawdy stuff that gets sensationalized, as opposed to the serious, thought-provoking commentary that Gather (which counts American Public Media as an investor) aims to be known for.

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