This Ain’t for You, Kid

budTV.gifIt’s been a rocky start for The online video site launched earlier this month and already it’s got legislators putting it in their crosshairs. A letter was sent to Anheuser-Busch from the attorneys general of 21 states warning that the site was too accessible to under-age viewers, according to Ad Age Digital.

I checked out the site and found myself immediately confronted with an age verification registration page and an image of a smiling chimpanzee, which was enough to keep me from going any further. Still, kids can be determined.

The letter itself doesn’t hold any legal weight, but it’s not unlikely that the various attorneys general might sue the beer giant, as suing is what they do best. And there’s no word on whether Anheuser-Busch will change the way they run, but personally, I’d recommend getting rid of the chimp.

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