This Diwali, Integrate Search and Social to Boost Promotions

India is probably the world’s best bet for marketers. Festivals rule the roost when it comes to influencing purchase behaviour. Marketers run helter-skelter for ideas on promotions, launches, discounts, purchase coupons, and more. The air is euphoric and hence people are generally more receptive to newer techniques and promotional methods.

Today, the ‘average’ Indian shopper has more access to technology than before. They are constantly searching for better deals on the Internet and desiring more bang for the buck. Irrespective of the medium, they’re open to deals that work for them. How can this help marketers? Simple – innovate and amplify over digital.

Innovative digital concepts often find their way into client and agency power lunch conversations or mere beer banter. What’s more, unlike a traditional campaign, you just whip out a smartphone and you’re already getting a couple of followers for your digital innovation. Engaging and viral then? Sure, but how do marketers strategise the digital plan? A social and search mix can often be the most potent way to go about it. If you have a couple more stacks of greens left in your pocket, include radio in your mix.

Here’s how it works – design a core concept based on a virulent cocktail of personal identity, simplicity, fun, and the obvious festive touch. Keep the copy simple, attractive, and dialogue friendly. Create campaign material – videos, promo QR codes, clips, photographs, et al; showcase your wares using attractive tabs on Facebook, give away Twitter coupons that are easy to redeem.

Based on the campaign concept, design a search campaign that directs people on to the Facebook page. Include keywords that reflect the promotion, concept, and products involved in the deal. Use long-tail keywords in a concept-based search campaign to gain maximum leverage. For brands that have people purchasing from authorised stores, it is best to use location targeting in your SEM campaign. Brands that have a successful e-commerce model will greatly benefit from a social-search digital campaign, especially in times of festive euphoria.

Why should you run a search campaign? People today use the search engines to search or compare products of varying value. Their searches mostly comprise of keywords such as digital cameras or may even be digital camera discounts in Singapore. Whatever the case, an SEM campaign will give you enough leverage and then some!

This strategy will give you good dividends on any social campaigns that have a concept at its core. For mere brand pages, it may not yield the desired effect.

In all, a search-enhanced social media campaign will give your brand mileage in terms of brand awareness, leads, hefty sales, and a great return on investment. Try it.

For all the readers of ClickZ Asia, have a great Dusshera and Diwali.

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