This Is Your Bob Dole. This Is Your Bob Dole on Medicare.

bobdole_medicare.jpgWho better to tell you about Medicare than an ex-Senator with an old war injury? Yep. Once-presidential hopeful Bob Dole is workin’ for the government yet again. This time, since he’s proven himself to be such a successful healthcare product pitchman, he’s pushing the newly-revamped Medicare system on the Bob Dole On Medicare site.

The site is supported in part by a grant from Pfizer, according to its small print (tough for old folks to read) — you know, the makers of that invigorating blue miracle pill he used to hawk.

The Web site features podcasts from Dole’s speaking engagements on the road, videos of seniors discussing their experiences with the new system, and downloadable brochures, plus there are even links to do the delicious and digg thing.

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