This Little Piggy Went to Telemarket

pigpen.jpgThis may be a first — for me anyway. The other day I got a call at home. We’ve got caller ID and get so many telemarketing calls, I rarely pick up if I don’t recognize the number. But we reporters are a curious breed, and the ID name associated with this caller was too intriguing for me to dismiss: Pigpen Forum. Could it be a nonprofit association begging for donations to aid excessively grimy children? Or maybe a company selling extra large play pens for portly kids?

Nope and nope.

Turns out it was a recorded telemarketing call from a Web site called, a sports betting site! There was a chipper chick on the line petitioning me to visit PigPenForum right away. Sure, I’ve gotten plenty of recorded calls, but I think this may be the first prompting me to go to a Web site.

Being neither a sports fan nor a gambler, she may as well have spoken to me in that indecipherable Peanuts adult language….

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