This White Space Brought to You By…..

popcorn.jpeg Future-trend predictor Faith Popcorn’s record as a prognosticator is dicey, tending to add more buzzwords to the lexicon (e.g. “cocooning”) than actual cultural accuracy, but one of her predictions for 2007 amounts to almost wishful thinking.

EnvironMENTAL Movement

Like the movement to combat environmental pollution, the next consumer-led reaction will be against the mental pollution caused by marketers. With every corner of the world both real and virtual becoming plastered with marketing messages, bombarded consumers are starting to say they’ve had enough. The current attack against marketing to kids is just the beginning.

The Future: Companies are expected to reduce the amount of damage they are doing to our minds. Savvy companies sponsor marketing-free white spaces in lieu of polluting the environment with models and logos.

May it come to pass!

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