THQ Taps Double Fusion to Integrate Ads

Top-ten videogame publisher THQ tapped in-game ad firm Double Fusion to represent several of its upcoming titles to advertisers and agencies.

Under the agreement, Double Fusion will broker ad placements in three undisclosed THQ titles. The ad units in question are integrated with game play and are not dynamic, which means creative executions cannot be switched out on the fly.

THQ has a pre-existing arrangement with Massive Inc., a prominent in-game ad network and one with established ties to many large advertisers, to provide dynamic placements. Neither deal cancels the other.

“Virtually every [game publisher] is hungry to test the different technologies,” said John Epstein, who co-heads United Talent Agency’s digital and gaming group and brokered the THQ/Double Fusion deal. Epstein sits on Double Fusion’s board.

“We believe it’s very early in the market cycle,” he said. “The smart advertisers are getting in now. We certainly feel that Double Fusion has a greater sensibility when it comes to matching advertisers with game content.”

Double Fusion is on a bit of a roll. Last month it secured a contract to represent dynamic ad inventory in titles created by Midway Games.

Kelly Flock, EVP of worldwide publishing for THQ, said in a statement that he hopes the Double Fusion deal “will help us reshape the way marketers deliver content and consumers interact with that content during their game experience.

THQ’s recent titles include “WWE SmackDown vs. Raw”, “Bratz Rock Angelz”, “The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer” and “SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights Camera PANTS!”.

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