Time to Change Your E-Mail Templates?

preview pane.jpegESP EmailLabs says it’s time for B2C marketers to through out their old templates and replace them with longer, narrower versions.

The betas of both Yahoo’s and Microsoft’s online e-mail clients enable the preview pane by default but these spaces are much smaller than what consumers were hitherto used to. Hence, e-mailers are advised to put calls-to-action and other critical information at the top of messages.

“B-to-C marketers who want big results had better start thinking small,” said Stefan Pollard, the company’s director of consulting services and ClickZ’s e-mail deliverability columnist. “Many are completely unaware that preview panes and automatically blocked images can make their current design templates virtually unreadable. If they were to use a third-party rendering tool to actually test how their e-mails look in consumers’ inboxes, they might be shocked.”

More reasoning is in a press release, but I’m guessing Stefan’s going to provide additional insight in his next column.

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