Time’s Running Out to Comment on FTC’s Behavioral Targeting Rules

If you had it in mind to share your $0.02 with the FTC on its recently proposed self regulation rules for behavioral targeting, you’d better get on it. The deadline to submit comments is just a few weeks away.

The language of the suggested rules is very broad, which the FTC believes is necessary for them to be effective in governing the future evolution of BT. One requires “reasonable security” of consumer data. Another proposes companies keep data only long enough to fill a “legitimate business need.”

The FTC also wants to make data collection more transparent to consumers, of whom it says “few appear to understand the role that data collection plays.” To that end, it’s calling for a prominent opt-out mechanism on all sites engaged in behavioral targeting.

You can read and comment on the proposed guidelines document at the FTC’s site. Remember, if you don’t make yourself heard now, you’re not allowed to complain later.

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