StrategyDigital transformationCase study: Why T-Mobile chooses Medallia for top-notch CX

Case study: Why T-Mobile chooses Medallia for top-notch CX

In this case study, we hear from Senior Director of Frontline & Customer Experience at T-Mobile on the work they're doing with Medallia Experience Cloud.

Medallia is an award-winning SaaS platform that works with enterprise clients to help them deliver a better, more integrated customer experience across all touchpoints. In this case study, we look into the work T-Mobile is doing with Medallia to improve their customer experience.

The Medallia Experience Cloud captures experience signals which are created via customer interactions in person, digital, and IoT and applies their AI technology to deliver predictive insights. Companies can use this information to quickly create action plans aimed at better serving their customers.

ClickZ spoke with Denise Vidal, Senior Director of Frontline & Customer Experience at T-Mobile to discuss why this leading wireless service provider chose to implement an experience management platform, why they chose Medallia, and what results they’re seeing now that the tool’s been implemented.

T-mobile coverage map of north americaT-Mobile Coverage Map

Leaning into the customer experience

T-Mobile wanted to lean into the customer experience and to fully realize this goal they needed to have a tool that gave them the agility to identify and address customer pain points quickly.

“Our previous platform had some serious limitations,” explained Ms. Vidal. “Our goal was to meet our customers where and how they wanted to engage with us. Medallia offered a few things that were different from our previous tool, such as SMS messaging versus just calling a customer or sending an email.”

T-Mobile using Medallia for improved CX via SMS

Example of an SMS-based survey powered by Medallia

With Medallia, T-Mobile can address customers’ problems effectively. “Medallia helped us identify unhappy customers and gave us the opportunity to repair the relationship pretty quickly,” says Vidal.

Medallia is flexible and scalable, enabling T-Mobile teams to respond quickly to changing customer needs and issues. For example, if the T-Mobile team wants add a question to a survey, the tool allows them the freedom to implement different questions without having to put in a ticket to IT or go through a long development  process.

“After a customer interacts with anyone in the store or on our website, they are sent an SMS via their phone with a question,” says Vidal. “Once they answer that question it goes from there.”

Experience management as a companywide initiative

T-Mobile incorporates the process of customer care within all departments. When they were ready to implement Medallia, they onboarded all cross-functional partners including their retail, marketing, web, social media and messaging teams. Medallia acted as a partner in this initiative as well.

“We looked at other tools,” says Vidal, “Ultimately, I would say what differentiated Medallia was that they worked with us as a true partner. They helped us bring other departments along on this initiative.”

Medallia collaborated with Vidal’s Experience Team to create presentations explaining the platform and the initiative. They also offered a week-long class on customer experience management that was focused on educating all involved teams on retaining customers and how to drive better performance with feedback.

“This was another differentiator,” explains Vidal. “We were able to take our operational leads, directors from call centers, marketing and sales teams and bring them to that class so they all learned the value of leveraging customer feedback and leveraging the tool.”

Vidal estimates that it took about six months for full implementation of the tool, with her team at the forefront of implementation. They worked with people from the IT department and consulted analysts to ensure all data was integrated correctly. One challenge in the process was that T-Mobile went from a  1-to-5 scale rating to a 0-to-10 scale rating, so they needed their Insights Team to help them understand what that would look like in the new platform.

Moving forward and seeing results

Once the tool was fully integrated into T-Mobile’s customer experience process, Vidal noted that it was extremely easy to work with. This was a big selling point for Vidal and her team since they don’t have to go back to Medallia to make changes within the platform.

“We can make changes independently,” says Vidal. “Every now and then we partner with Medallia on future initiatives, but the tool is very agile tool and flexible, so we can do almost everything on our own.”

In terms of results, Vidal explained that while it’s difficult to attribute their results to one tool, Medallia makes it easier for T-Mobile’s Team of Experts to deliver high quality customer service.

Says Vidal, “T-Mobile established something we call a“Team of Experts” which is a community of frontline representatives that service a geo-routed community of customers. This is different from conventional call centers that have reps who can take calls from any customer all over the world. At T-Mobile, we give our Team of Experts their own market of customers so they become very familiar with their specific needs and pain points.”

Medallia helps T-Mobile’s Team of Experts support their communities and commit to the promise that of high-quality service (e.g., no bouncing, no transfers, resolving their issue the first time, etc). “It helps us get it right the first time and allows us to pivot quickly to a variety of issues.”

The Medallia dashboard provides a way for T-Mobile teams to gain quick insight into how their customers feel, with this visibility communicated via a dashboard. The Team of Experts work from shared metrics, so everyone owns the customer experience. It enables them to track every person within T-Mobile who connects with a customer and shares the same results to all involved team members.

screenshot of Medallia dashboard for T-Mobile teams

Medallia Customer Profile Dashboard

“For me, what really differentiates Medallia is that they’re true business partners,” says Vidal. “It’s not like you purchase the platform and you’re on your own. They continue to innovate with us and they understand our organization and company. They recognize what we’re trying to do for our customers which is to be known for top-notch service and care.”


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