Top 10 Training Truths

What does training have to do with marketing? Both rewire your mind to accept new ideas: “I get this” or “I gotta have this.” Both give you confidence to use new skills: “I can do this” or “I can click and buy this.” Both build trust: “I trust this information, this teacher” or “I trust this brand, this site.”

Done well, both make you want to come back for more. People like feeling smart and capable. They get addicted to experiences that feed that feeling.

How do you feed them, train them change them? First you change yourself a bit. You train you. That’s what I’m here to help you do develop the training intent and attitude. Once you have that perspective and a few basic rules, you’ll package your marketing tactics in the most addictive, I mean, effective, ways.

The intent is: The smarter my customers are, the better choices they’ll make and the more satisfied they’ll be. They’ll like themselves so much on my site that they’ll come here before they make any purchase in my industry, and usually they’ll buy from me.

Here’s the attitude: respectful, helpful, empowering. What have I done for my customers lately? How can I help them feel more confident every time they come here? How can I earn their trust?

To map the murky territory of the customer mind for you, that’s my goal. That and to inspire you to use familiar concepts in creative ways to reach your own goal. Sort of a weekly head slap but for your own good, of course. Remember that commercial where the guy moans, “I could’ve had a V8,” after he’s had a Coke and tanked after the sugar high? I aim to help you get that V8 in time for it to do you some good.

The Time Is Now.

The breathless rush to e-whatever for its own sake… that’s over. The low-hanging fruit is dropping fast. There will always be a new techno-wave to surf. We’re never again going to sit on the beach long enough to dry off. Enough mixed metaphors.

The business bottom line is: Perception is reality, and you have to manage your customers’ perception of you better than your competition does. As technology and media stabilize, costs and pricing will stabilize across your industry virtual or otherwise. All that’s left is differentiation on things other than price.

Many of those other things are in the “wetware,” the wiring in your customers’ brains. Your customers are looking for the most personalized experience they can get and the most trustworthy site. You’ve heard the phrase “mass customization,” and you may even think you’re doing it. By their cookies ye shall know them.

But everybody’s baking the same batch file with that cookie dough. I haven’t had a lot of e-experiences that surprise me and make me love an online store or service the way I love Nordstrom’s. As a customer, I’m the most fickle nightmare you’ll ever have. As a training consultant, however, I’ll show you how to tame these shrews help you generate ideas to make your e-biz a preferred destination.

So, how do you get your customers to stay YOUR customers?

It’s the e-go, stupid!

Feed their ego, or they will go away. It’s personal. Try mass-personalization. As you get to know them, you have to help them know themselves. Make them aware of what’s in this relationship for them. Awareness that’s a topic in itself. In the weeks ahead, we’ll explore some of the ways you can reach out and touch all those “someones” and have them come back for more.

Am I going to give everybody the same “secrets of success” formula that will magically transform your CRM? As John Travolta said in “Michael,” “I ain’t that kind of angel.” And they ain’t those kinds of secrets.

In fact, I’m not going to teach you anything. I’ll help you discover what you need to create for your customer relationships. Everyone will come up with something different. Actors get the same training and the same script, but no two actors have ever portrayed Willy Loman the same way.

This week, I’ll just list the basic truths that make training work as marketing. No explanations, no comments. In the weeks to come, there’ll be plenty commenting from me and from you.

Yes, YOU. You have homework think about what each “truth” implies you should do to foster customer loyalty. Here’s what we all know but need to start applying:

Top 10 Training Truths

  1. Enhance people’s self-esteem.

  2. Knowledge is power.
  3. People trust you when you give them power.
  4. Teach people to fish; don’t give them a fish.
  5. If you build it, they may come; if they build it, they’re already there.
  6. Make people feel smarter than they were a minute ago.
  7. You can lead people only from the point where they are now standing.
  8. Write once, read many.
  9. To thine own self be true.
  10. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Do your homework. If you need coaching, you know where to find me. Next week: Enhance their self-esteem? Don’t they already know they hold the power of life and death over my business?

Daily treat: If it’s later than 10 a.m., you need to take a break. “Deskercise” of the day: relaxation.

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