Top 15 Marketing Experts’ Columns of 2010

Call it the Facebook and Twitter effect. In 2010, marketers craved in-depth and practical information about social media marketing.

A look at the most popular ClickZ Experts columns published this past year, based on unique page views, also shows that marketers sought out approaches to measuring business outcomes and improving conversion rates across digital marketing platforms.

1. 7 Actionable Facebook Tactics for Marketers
Facebook has emerged as a powerful marketing medium. Here are the top approaches to consider.
By Heidi Cohen

2. 5 Ways to Integrate Stories Into Your Social Media Marketing
Create powerful stories that your audience wants to hear, engage with, and share.
By Heidi Cohen

3. 7 Top Online Marketing Trends for 2010
Developing an online marketing strategy in a maturing marketplace is harder than in a dynamic, growing one. Here are factors to consider.
By Heidi Cohen

4. 10 Guidelines for Creating Great Social Media Content
Creating media that can “go viral” is a lot like becoming a successful stand-up comic.
By Sean Carton

5. Social Media All-Stars
Twenty social media marketing gurus who deserve your attention.
By Erik Qualman

6. 25 Digital Media Questions Marketers Need to Answer
Marketers must assess their answers to a variety of metrics-related questions to determine the effectiveness of their message and the context in which it’s delivered to achieve business goals.
By Heidi Cohen

7. How to Be a Twitter Ninja
13 tactics to expand your influence on Twitter.
By Heidi Cohen

8. The ROI of Social Media Is Still Zero
How do we get at the ROI of social media? First, let us reprise last year’s key points and then add a few new ones.
By Augustine Fou

9. How Your Graphic Designer Is Killing Your Conversion Rate
Some websites sacrifice conversions in the name of “coolness.” Is yours one of them?
By Tim Ash

10. 13 Tactics to Make Social Media Work Harder
Learn how to leverage social media effectively to drive real results with these actionable tactics.
By Heidi Cohen

11. 5 Social Media Trends to Watch in Early 2010
Trends affecting social media marketing.
By Erik Qualman

12. 10 Commandments of Modern Marketing
A list of the 10 rules every marketer should follow to meet consumer needs.
By Augustine Fou

13. Social Media Thought Leaders – Who’s No. 1?
Who are the top social media thought leaders? Consider this list of who’s who.
By Erik Qualman

14. Catching up to Mobile
Mobile is growing at a rapid speed and set to take over how people access the Web. Are you growing with it?
By Adam Cahill

15. Old Spice’s Teachable Moment for Content Marketing
7 recommendations for creating actionable content.
By Heidi Cohen


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