MarketingConference CoverageTop 7 Reasons You Need, Nay, You Must Be at ClickZ Live New York

Top 7 Reasons You Need, Nay, You Must Be at ClickZ Live New York

ClickZ Live is just two weeks away! Check out the top reasons why you should be attending our premier marketing event.

It’s now countdown time as we are just two weeks away from New York’s biggest digital showdown! We know you are familiar with the articles, the authors, the hot interviews, and the marketing knowledge that gushes forth from the ClickZ brain to your screen. However, ClickZ Live New York is all about bringing these strategies, this insight, and the ClickZ family to the Marriott doorstep where you can truly interact and become part of us. With 2.8 billion people using the Internet globally and an Apple Mac product reaching you as fast as a Big Mac, where is the time to connect in person and dive deep into new digital depths? No time, right? Wrong! We have the time, two full days that will satisfy every click, tap, scroll, and tweet hovering in your heart.

1. The Keynotes Are KEY!

Ever wished to share a Coke at the White House? This may be the closest you will get, as we’re bringing you two powerful and dynamic speakers, Tim Goudie, director of social media and sustainability at Coca-Cola (day one), and Leigh Heyman, director of new media technologies for the Executive Office of the President (day two). “The strength of your brand is your lifeblood,” states Goudie, and through his storytelling strategies and personal insights we are sure social media will be running thick and fast through your veins. On day two, the quickest way into the Oval Office in Washington is through Heyman, who will be giving us a truly behind-the-scenes look at where digital meets technology in the White House, and how you can apply these to your brand.

2. Go Nuts With Networking!

With more than 700 or so digitally savvy people, the floor is going to be heaving! We don’t just want you to rub shoulders in the lunch queue with a potential friend, client, or future colleague, we want you to get stuck right in and be sharing desserts! This is why we have created the World Wine Web reception on day two, which will give you the opportunity to sample decadent wines from across the globe with your fellow peers. You can impress them with your fictional facts on wine-tasting and then lay them heavy with your burgeoning digital truths!

3. Everyone’s Cuckoo for Content!

Our content boot camp will have you ripped and ready to unleash creative and thought-provoking content straight to the hearts of your customers. We have some of the biggest brands, from Nine West, Century 21, and General Electric, to the quirky Playboy and more, who will tell us what has worked, failed, and catapulted them to success!

4. For the Secret Geniuses, Our Not So Secret Advanced Track!

So, you’ve dated data, your parents are SEO and PPC, and you gave birth to the social revolution – in that case we have the advanced track for you! With Bloomberg making sure our digital spend is on track (day one), The Weather Channel teaching us to merge programmatic, social, and big data, and not to mention the IAB giving us the down-low on privacy (day 2), we will go from digital geniuses to digital gurus in less than 48 hours.

5. You Want Some Face Time? Do It With the Experts!

I tried writing a letter to Oprah and I am still waiting on my response. Now I don’t waste time – I go straight to meet the experts. This is ClickZ’s innovative roundtable event on day one that enables you to ask any question you like to our dexterous experts on a wide range of topics. Muddled about mobile? Vexed with the visuals? Getting catty over conversions? We have got you covered – the tips, the inside scoops, the Emerald tablet knowledge is yours at MTE.

6. Dying for a Debate?

Brands are diverse, with unique agendas and marketing plans which make them successful, so we don’t just want one point of view, we want many! That’s why we have Mini USA, Amex, and more battling it out in our Fireside Chat Keynote Panel on day one so that we can make sure your campaigns are working and making that bottom-line difference.

7. Who Invited the Giants? We Did!

There’s no real digital party unless you get a bit Googley and let out a Yahoo! That is why the two biggest and boldest search engine monsters are going to be truly gearing us into shape with the Learn With Google track on day one and the Yahoo AdLab on day two. Yes, the Bad Boys are a’coming and welcome to the new Independence Day because you will never look at analytics, ad copy, or mobile customers in the same way again!

The SECRET eighth reason…

8. You Will Be the APPle of Our Eye!

Networking, schmoozing, and learning, is all very well, but we haven’t forgotten about your best mate, the cell phone! Your attendance gives you exclusive access to the ClickZ Live APP, which will give you the chance to earn prizes and badges. Also, why not interact with our live news feed, get involved with what’s trending, communicate with your favorite speakers, and add to the ClickZ Live New York social media hype?

If you were on the fence about signing up before, you are now over the edge and the doors are wide open to New York’s finest digital paradise! Come sit with us on the clouds of data, search, social, and more, and get real and personal with ClickZ.

Tickets are still available but are selling fast – secure your place here.


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