StrategyMediaTop Tweets From the 2014 Video Marketing Summit

Top Tweets From the 2014 Video Marketing Summit

Sometimes the best way to recap an event is through attendees' tweets that highlight some of the best insights gleaned from the keynote speakers. Here's a look at what speakers from Google, YouTube, and BuzzFeed had to say.

Last week, the second annual Reel Summit was held in San Francisco. Also known as the 2014 Video Marketing Summit, this two-day conference for marketers and content creators featured more than half a dozen keynote speakers, including:

  • Jon Klaff, head of media solutions, brand activation team at Google/YouTube;
  • Jonathan Perelman, general manager of video and vice president of agency strategy at BuzzFeed; as well as
  • Rob Davis, executive director/founder of content marketing and advanced video practices at Ogilvy, and Cecelia Wogan-Silva, who leads Google’s agency development among creative agencies and independent media agencies.

Digital marketers can get a quick overview of the event by watching the opening video. It was produced by Bonfire Labs and set the tone for the Reel Summit.

You can also get an idea of the highlights of the 2014 Video Marketing Summit by reading through the hundreds of tweets from the event, which used the hashtag #ReelSummit. Below are seven significant tweets about each of the three keynote presentations:

Opening Google/YouTube Keynote: The Next Big Leap in Video Advertising

Since the 1950s, every generation has seen monumental changes in advertising. Within the past few years, however, consumer behavior has changed so much that advertisers are having difficulty targeting, engaging, and selling to their most valuable audiences. Klaff’s opening keynote focused on why advertisers need to evolve with their audiences and how they can begin to measure the success of their efforts.

Peter Angus Medlock‏ tweeted on July 24:

Meg Loucks ‏tweeted on July 24:

EventMarketer ‏tweeted on July 24:

Ogilvy AdvancedVideo ‏@OgilvyAdvVideo tweeted on July 24:

YuMe, Inc. tweeted on July 24:

Featured BuzzFeed Talk: “Creating Content for How It’s Consumed”

Perelman presented “Creating Content for How It’s Consumed.” This was a focused look at the evolution of media and how new innovations in distribution technologies have changed how it’s consumed. His presentation also shed some light on how BuzzFeed views and categorizes consumable vs. shareable content – and he also showcased several examples of successful video content being created by the BuzzFeed Video team.

Ogilvy Advanced Video tweeted on July 24:

Jenny Dibble ‏tweeted on July 24:

Christina Lee tweeted on July 24:

Erika Trautman ‏tweeted on July 24:

Maria Van Wambeke ‏tweeted on July 24:

Brian Ring tweeted on July 24:

Meg Reesing tweeted on July 24:

@BuzzFeed providing lots of laughs at #ReelSummit with” Dear Kitten video for @Friskies! Check it out.

Friday Morning Keynote: New YouTube/Ogilvy Research

In Friday morning’s keynote talk, Davis provided an in-depth look at how viewer behaviors are signaling new opportunities for the online video industry. He shared his experiences and strategies targeting increased viewer engagement and the value it brings to major brands. He was also joined by Wogan-Silva to discuss the details of a new Google/Ogilvy/TNS joint study on evolving viewer preferences and how online video impacts the path to purchase.

Pixability ‏tweeted on July 25:

SoMedia Networks ‏tweeted on July 25:

Erika Trautman ‏tweeted on July 25:

Irina Kudryashova tweeted on July 25:

Danny Skarka ‏tweeted on July 25:

Genaro Delgadillo ‏tweeted on July 25:

Robert John Davis ‏tweeted on July 25:


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