Top U.S. Mobile Handsets by Ad Impression Share

Apple’s iPhone served more mobile ad impressions than any other handset during the month of July, according to data from mobile ad network Millennial Media.

Having overtaken Samsung’s SPH-M800 in June, the iPhone continued to expand its share over the course of the month, growing by 3.62 percent to account for 12.21 percent of all ad impressions served in that period.

Millennial’s research also found that advertisers gravitated towards broader media buys in July; targeting methods such as run-of-network and channel grew four percent and six percent respectively, while buys on custom sub networks fell by 11 percent.

A likely a result of those broader campaign buys, 57 percent of campaigns utilized frequency-capping in July, up nine percent over June. In addition, 14 percent of advertisers made use of rich media creative during the month, down three percent on the month before.

Top 10 Mobile Phones By Ad Impression Share*
Rank Device July (%) June (%) Percentage Point Change
1 Apple iPhone 12.21 8.58 3.62
2 Samsung SPH-M800 (Instinct) 6.52 6.22 0.30
3 Blackberry Curve 5.58 5.84 -0.25
4 Samsung SCH-R450 4.59 4.29 0.30
5 Blackberry Pearl 2.76 2.85 -0.09
6 Danger Sidekick 2008 2.57 2.70 -0.13
7 Tmobile/HTC G1 (Dream) 2.12 2.12 0.00
8 LG VX9700 (Dare) 1.88 1.64 0.24
9 LG CU920 (Vu) 1.74 1.78 -0.04
10 Danger Sidekick LX 1.68 1.80 -0.12
*Does not include non-phone Wi-Fi devices such as iPod Touch, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Amazon Kindle
Source: Millennial Media, July 2009

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