Topiks Solutions’s TopikMail

TopikMail is based on the concept of Topiks.

What Is a Topik?

TopikMail is based on an innovative, easy-to-understand concept called Topiks. Topiks are hierarchical categories into which content creators publish information and through which content recipients choose to receive information. Topiks provide a logical, thematic structure for content distribution between organizations and their membership.

Topiks allow both publishers and subscribers to identify the proper content channels pertinent to their interests as community participants. Content providers recognize and target Topiks as interest channels for certain types of information. Subscribers and content recipients intuitively opt in to Topiks as value-added vehicles conveying specific community information in which they are interested.

How Topiks Work

Using a Topik Taxonomy, a configurable “Tree” or hierarchy of Topiks and sub-Topiks, content creators can explicitly organize the publishing process relative to each recipient’s unique preferences. Publishers can create an unlimited amount of Topiks and sub-Topiks into which content can be posted. If no appropriate Topik exists to describe a new message or article, a publisher may create a new Topik or sub-Topik within the Topik Tree into which the message or article can be posted. A Topik Taxonomy can be as wide and deep as the publisher wishes. Users opt in to Topiks of their choosing to create a unique Topik Profile. The TopikMail Server then uses a subscriber’s Topik Profile to seamlessly aggregate content from the chosen Topiks into a single email, called a TopikMail. These emails, or TopikMails, are delivered at times specified by the publisher.

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