Touchable Crystal Light Posters Play Music at Miranda Lambert Concerts

Until now, music fans who thought concert posters were singing to them might have been on the wrong side of sober or perhaps even needed to avail themselves of mental health services.

Today, however, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, posters can sing to us anytime, regardless of whether we’re capable of operating heavy machinery.

To wit: Miranda Lambert isn’t the only one singing on her Platinum Tour this summer. In fact, the singer-songwriter is getting some competition from herself in poster form as presenting sponsor, drink mix brand Crystal Light, rolls out playable posters at her concerts from July to September.

That’s right. Lambert fans will be able to spin a record on the poster to unlock 30-second audio clips from three songs as a result of a partnership between the brand and U.K.-based conductive ink start-up Novalia.

These special singing posters are printed with conductive ink on the back, which creates touch sensors that pick up electrical signals from fingers on the front, the brand says.

The ink, in turn, is connected to a processor that Gina Waldhorn, chief operating officer (COO) of boutique agency Evol8tion, describes as about the size of a silver dollar. She says the poster “practically lies flat on the wall,” along with an electric speaker on the back as well.

According to Maria Menicou, operations manager at Novalia, the audio “will kind of be on lockdown for three seconds.”

In other words, consumers that continue to spin the record will hear the next track after about three seconds of play.

Novalia created 110 posters, which will be displayed next to Crystal Light stands at Lambert’s concerts where attendees can sample a liquid water enhancer product that launched last year.

In addition to music, the posters also have promotional audio for Crystal Light.

“This poster was developed as a way to drive engagement with consumers at samplings and give them linkage to Miranda and help celebrate her as well as create a memorable impression of Crystal Light,” says Jennifer Dahlgren, senior brand manager for Crystal Light. “It’s an interesting way for consumers to experience her music that is memorable and fun…it’s a new way to interact with paper. The sounds turn paper into a speaker, which is a really different experience.”

In a prepared statement, Lambert said, “I’m always thrilled to introduce new ways for my fans to interact with my music.”

Those fans include women ages 18 to 44, which is who Crystal Light is hoping to reach with this effort.

In addition, Menicou says the posters are an atmosphere-booster and create an extra dimension at Lambert’s concerts.

Waldhorn agrees the posters make the onsite experience more special and says the partnership could lead to additional applications of the conductive ink in marketing or packaging from other brands.

Crystal Light is a Kraft Foods Group brand.

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