Towering Media Pundits Devour Tower of Shellfish

clickz power lunch.jpgLowly ad grubs that we are, we can only claim a few run-ins a year with big-time media celebrities, so we have to boast when we get six in 90 minutes. At the whim of blog mogul Nick Denton, ClickZ was just corralled into a shellfish lunch at Balthazar with all-star media commentators Jeff Jarvis, Jay Rosen, Arianna Huffington, Lockhart Steele and David Carr. The pre-arranged topic was ads in blogs, but it was mostly about the three-tiered towers of iced shrimp and the splattering of AdRants‘ Steve Hall with oyster juice. NYT’s Carr put little shrimp heads on his fingers and made them dance, and Arianna left her jacket behind. I have it here on my desk, in case anyone from HuffPo is reading. I am dead serious about both those things.

We did eventually talk advertising, but it was off-the-record, so all you get is this pathetic little name-dropping spree and a picture of Rosen, Denton and Jarvis preparing to pounce on the last remaining half-shell.

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